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about hiya its me souftae! you can call me nade or oswald when we closer. my prns are they it, viet 16 mlm infpt, my zodiac are libra (oct7). i have single eye cataract ocd bdd slightly dyslexia so please respect & understand if i do things ooc.

careerrolepleyer & svr designer since 2019 + crd maker since 2020

notes cr souftae if rm + dont allow copies

twt . fb . comms

to know more i dont allow nicknames unless i made it, use oswald/nade and he/his only if close. i change theme & usernames frequently; your attitude is my attitude, please hold your favs accountable, usually use tone tags, keyboard spam & convo in caps. 90% me is joking dont take me too srsly, bad eng sometimes. i dont accept random frnds reqs.

go away fit dni citeria, romanticise & make jokes about illness in a rude way, invalidate prns, asiaboo, you claim yourself as bi lesbian or bi gay, -13 +22 unless i go first, you anti my favs, you tw foods & caps, DSMP STAN GO KYS, cringe gacha & roleplayer, vent in convo w/o consent, fakeclaimers, use fancy font & lang symbols everywhere, snowflakes, fetishizes wlw mlm children, proshipper, refuse to use common tone tags.

twt . fb . comms

music billie, keshi, doja, sza, dean, mck, taylor, katy, nicki, mel, txt, aespa, joji

animanga literally every shounen characters / guys in everywhere. little cuties. i love them so much /p.

hobbies making crds, listening to music, sleep, reading novels, writing shortfic.

trigger body issues, weird creatures, height, crowd, deep things, small & stuffy imgs, jumpscares.

please be nice <3 cbox